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GR11 Day 19 Beautiful Reflections

GR11 Day 19 Beautiful Reflections

France - next to the lake at ibon d Anayet

After our wild night in France, we awoke bleary eyed to beautiful star filled sky and the sun rising on the distant mountains. Our 3 am cow gang we're still watching us as we packed up. After last night cows are back on the menu.

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As we wound our way through the forest towards the Gave d Aspe, a herd of, I thought deer but properly chamois ran past us, on their way up to the craggy cliffs. We followed them through the forest until the sight of the path up ahead stopped us in our tracks. I had read ahead so knew the warnings but even so it looked pretty uncrossable from our view point.

Jac is not keen on shale paths so she had a twitchy bum going across and did her famous "all it would take was one slip" comment halfway across. I didn't think it was that bad, but I have more grip on the boots and a caviller attitude to safety.

Needless to say we survived and celebrated with a second breakfast once we reached the ski town of Candanchu.

The weather has been on our side, and we have had no thunderstorms or bad weather on the way, so decided to press on and get the large climb to the top of the pass out of the way. The path once again looked impossible from the bottom, but it was fine and we made the top at around 5pm.

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It is a stunning location, we have pitched with the view in mind so are right on the waters edge, and any excessive rolling from Jac and she will end up in the lake. Tonight we have sat and watched the sunset, the sky, and the mountains changing colours before our eyes. The reflections in the lake are amazing and a perfect mirror image of the huge mountains in the distance.

Things I have learnt:

If you decided to go for a dip in the lovely lake to cool off after very strenuous hike, be aware that there could be little black leeches in the water. They will think nothing off whipping up your exposed bits, causing you to shriek like a big puff.

Things Jac has learnt:

Spanish fibre gel is much more explosive when mixed with water than UK fibre gel. In fact if you get it wrong it will fizz up over the glass , exploding in your face and form an orangey blob on the floor underneath the table, making you look like you have had a slightly unpleasant accident, which ironically is what it is designed to do .. but in a loo.

GR11 Day 18 Wild Night in France

GR11 Day 18 Wild Night in France