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GR11 Day 17 Finally Mountains

GR11 Day 17 Finally Mountains

Zuria - la Mina camped near the ruins

Second day in the new section and not wanting to jinx it, but so far so good. We are still slow but I can handle plodding as long as we are completing the stage.

Timings in the book for today's stage said 3.50 hrs, signpost said 4.50 hrs, we took about 7 hours. We did have plenty of breaks and marvelled at the high mountains around us, and also as there was a lot of up, some of that time was spent wheezing.

The first section of the walk was at the base of the Ateas de Belabraze. The peaks remind me of sharks teeth, the jagged summits layering on top of each other. Next we wound up over the Col where the sky turned black and we took shelter from the rain underneath our tent foot print (Jac's brilliant idea & I'm not being sarcastic ... hard to believe I know !)

The rocks on this side of the mountain are almost purple, in fact it looks like a lot of purple hardcore, as the boulders are made up of hundreds of rocks and pebbles stuck together, like some dodgy council job.

We then descended down into the next valley avoiding the many cows, bulls and piles of crap. We have pitched in the ruins of an old house, on a slightly raised section of ground, my preference was the river bank, but Jac "safety pants Brown" was worried about flash floods. It would need to be a flood of biblical proportions as it is barley 2 inches deep, but still if it keeps her happy.

There is a nice barbed wire fence between us and the many cows above so as long as they stick to there own side of the fence and don't learn to limbo overnight we should be fine.

What we need to do:

Put suntan lotion on, as otherwise we will look like too old prunes by the time we reach the Mediterranean.

Also consider shade when finishing early in the afternoon, as wrapping yourself in your sleeping mat just makes you sweat and look like a right tit.

Stop feeding Jac Tuc biscuits, I had forgotten about the side effects they have, but sadly today was reminded, as she trumpeted her way down the valley, at least I won't lose her in the mist.

Things Never to do:

Don't not sit on a thistle, as you will get an unexpected prick up the bum, and nobody likes an unexpected prick up the bum.

GR11 Day 18 Wild Night in France

GR11 Day 18 Wild Night in France

GR11 Day 16 Back to It

GR11 Day 16 Back to It