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A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming

So as promised, in an attempt to prevent parents from fretting that we have been sold into slavery or have become entangled in a situation of ill repute... both highly unlikely as we are neither domestic or goddess, unless your idea of this is someone with an inability to dust (jac) and boobs like slinkys... (me ...oh come on now you knew it couldn't be the other way round).

The witty (I hope) blog and the stunning photography (as always) is being rebooted. We will endeavour to capture the true spirt of our "Old lady gap year" for you to follow, we will also be setting up a crowdfunding webpage as well so you can sponsor our adventure and buy us a bag of rice, in case the money runs out :-D

So our adventure should have started last year, but with the reappearance of boob gate, and Jacs extremely short return to climbing, resulting in a shoulder not where it should be, things have been postponed somewhat.

A busy month has seen us pack up a house, squeeze and I mean squeeze the contents of a 4 bedroom into a 90ft sq container, poppy the border terrorist has been rehoused with her new family.

Family bird have been moved from the respective containers to nicer eternal resting places. So far no arrest warrants have been issued, but there have been unconfirmed reports of a women acting suspiciously with 3 Asda Ziplock bags and a small bottle of vodka around Princess Street Gardens, Edinburgh.

For the last few weeks we have been spoiled with amazing hospitality from the family Hollidge, who have provided sumptuous food (Simon obviously, as we all know Lisa is only good at toast ... ). Drinks and good company. Poppy has reacquainted herself with marmite on toast and Jeremy Kyle, and will have no doubt forgotten about us quite quickly.

Our journey to here has been a long one, at times we didn't think it was going to happen and that the gods were against us and after a 30 hour flight delay I was getting a bit jaded and then I remembered to be grateful not grumpy, as we have this amazing opportunity to travel and to experience new things, to enjoy new sunrises and sunsets, to travel is a privilege and for me personally after "boobgate" I'm going to use my get out of jail free card and have a wonderful adventure.

Things I have learnt:

Always check your flight booking to ensure that your last name hasn't been changed without you realising. Otherwise your only options are:

A. to get married (a bit extreme)

B. to buy a new ticket (a bit expensive at £180!)

Ignore Poppy's dramatic last minute attempt to prevent you from flying, by injuring her back and not been able to walk, do not spend the night fretting over your 4 legged pet, do not worry about the vets words of possible spinal injuries, for she will be having you on and will be as right as rain when you pick her up the next day and will be skipping around like a puppy. Where as you will be 140 quid worse off.

Never go downstairs in your socks whilst carrying injured pet, especially if your friends have super shiny and newly painted slippy steps as you are likely to fall and bounce down them on your quite considerably large ass, this is a painful and foolish way to descend steps though it is quite a quick way to go down.

Birmingham international airport is not a fun holiday destination, though it does have a very good Wetherspoons that provides endless supplies of Stella and chips, both are essential for not losing the will to live whilst waiting for AIr India to take off.

Old Lady Vlogger on Galle Fort

Old Lady Vlogger on Galle Fort

Tut tut... Tuk tuk!

Tut tut... Tuk tuk!