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GR5 Day 24 - Resupply Makes Heavy Rucksacks

GR5 Day 24 - Resupply Makes Heavy Rucksacks

St Etienne de Tinne - Roya

So after our epic walk of nearly 2 days in 1, we decided that a rest day was in order to allow mind and body to recover. Also our clothes, few as they are were in need of some machine washing. We had noticed how lovely and clean people smelled as we walked past them and how we must have smelt to them. We had also noticed a few people fleeing from the path before we arrived as well.

St Ettiene De Tinne for rest and re-supply.

St Ettiene De Tinne for rest and re-supply.

Domestic chores done, cash in our pockets, 2 pastries each in our bellies, and some resupplies purchased. An afternoon by the campsite lake was in order, where apparently the lake was a balmy 17 degrees. I managed up to the top of my thighs for all of 5 mins, before hyperthermia set in. Jac was also out pretty sharpish as she had turned her normal pre suntan shade of blue .

A very lazy day for me continued, where as Jac was updating the blog and many a cursing was heard. Apparently it is not sufficient to be a comedy genius. I am also to, at least insert some proper formatted sentences ( what are they ) and I should at least attempt to spell some words over 3 letters. Now I did point out that it would be a much funnier blog if she left the spelling as I wrote it.

As is normal on our rest days, we spend a fair amount of time eating, in fact walking as far as we do and up as many mountains we are burning quite a lot of calories. I am convinced I am a mere nymph so can eat as much as I like. Jac has pointed out that nymphs don't wobble when they walk, which I think is a bit harsh.

So to give you an idea of a rest days consumption we ate the following:

4 pastries

4 magnum ice creams

1 baguette

4 slices of ham

3/4 of a Camembert

3 cans of coke

1 large bag of crisps

1/2 a bag of haribo

2 bananas

2 nectarines

8 beers

1 massive platter of the Alps (meat/cheese/bread/pate and a small amount of lettuce)

1 large ham and olive pizza

2 more huge ice creams.

All for breakfast !

Funnily enough neither of us slept that well ..

From St Ettiene to Roya

From St Ettiene to Roya

So after every rest you need to start again, and the starting again gets harder each time. This morning we had a lovely 700 meter climb up through the forest to wake us up. Followed by a 2 hour break to eat our second pastry and drink nice coffee. Another resupply was in order as we had run out of the 4 main food groups ,chocolate, chocolate, chocolate & chocolate.

The walk then continued by crossing the Col du Blainon before dropping down to traverse a steep sided valley, passing by abandoned houses and ruins, before we reached the hamlet of Roya.

Tonight we are camped quite possibly in someone's garden, by a river before you cross into the national park and start heading up again. This has split a 23 mile day into a more manageable half, as neither of us has the energy to go any further.

Good things come in threes:

We were given a short cut tip off by a local which saved 100 meters forest ascent and a 100 meters descent.

We were given 2 free potato and ham salads by a bike support crew in Auron. They were very tasty but a little heavy.

Tonight's camp spot was a tip off by the women that owned the Gite that we bought a coke from, who spoke no English but a Swiss lady translated for us. I love the Swiss very helpful and they make good chocolate.

Tips of the day:

Do not walk too close to your trekking partner, as they are taller and when they brush past a tree, they will snag a branch on their rucksack which will twang back and hit you in the chops!

If going up the mountain first thing in the morning try not to be at the front, as many spiders make their webs across the path. This will mean you will spend a lot of time in sticky web mess, always send your trekking partner first.

Do not forget to get your damp sleeping bag out and dry it in the sun, as when you remember ‪at 7 pm‬ it is too late, and a soggy bottom will be yours.

This will do nicely. 

This will do nicely. 

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