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GR5 Day 7 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

GR5 Day 7 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

We wild camp by Lac D'Anterne at 2200 meters next to a patch of snow and above the lake and awoke absolutely bloody frozen and damp. Who knew the Alps in summer were that cold,I mean really the snow should have given it away but when your so hot from climbing you just think ooooo snow that's nice and cool lets stay here.

Now another thing if there is snow at home, I am normally in my fleece layers with hats gloves and a pair of sensible pants, nah not here lets just wear shorts and a T-shirt that makes lots of sense.

The reflections in the lake were however breathtaking.

Lac D'Anterne

Lac D'Anterne

So our chilly start led to a quick climb up over the col as that's where the sun was shining and awaited the most amazing view of the Mont Blanc range.

Over the Col D'Anterne and first full view of Mont Blanc

Over the Col D'Anterne and first full view of Mont Blanc

We sat and took in the view defrosting like lizards for a while regaining feeling in the limbs. Then had a long and painful .....for one of us descent, stopping on the way down at a refuge for a crepe, coffee and well shall we it sounds like crepe ....

Down and down and down we went only to go up and up and up again, some one really needs to instal zip wires around here, it would make a lot more sense.

View from near the top of the Brevent.  

View from near the top of the Brevent.  

At last the summit of the brevant came in view, and behold the holy grail in the shape of a cable car down to the bottom, now some may think it's cheating to take a cable car down but I don't care , we have done that walk down last year it took forever there was a lot of trees and in trees live the dreaded horse fly,and we know where that leads.

 Jac is now in quite considerable pain from blister gate and is mainly dragging her foot around like Richard the third, it would have been churlish for me to insist on an extra 4 hours walking, and 1900 meters descent, so we travelled down in style and in a matter of minutes not hours.

Things proper lost:

Jac ( there is a pattern here ... )

Power charger,apparently her favourite one it's quite possibly at the bottom of a very deep Ravine, it fell out when she was having an alfresco wee, I should clarify here the charger fell out of her rucksack not her, I mean I know she is a geek but I don't think she is passing power chargers.

Mesh bag for the tea mug ... Now I'm getting the blame for this one, and then she tries to steal mine, I was like back off matey that's my useless black mess bag.

I have tried to cheer her up by pointing out how much weight saving those two items are, but tonight Mathew it's not working.

Things I have learnt:

Shorts are not sensible snow wear.

It is possible to while away a good 20 mins, cleaning out the inside of a primula squeezey cheese tube, when you cut it open to extract the last bits.

Going down mountains in a cable car is much more fun, going down and not paying for it saving 46 euros is even better. 

Things that I want to make better but I can't:

Jacs foot, it's very sore and she can't walk and this is a walking holiday.

Things that should work and don't:

3G of data is apparently lots and lots and should not have been used in 7 days especially when most of those days are in the dark zone ( no signal zone )

Sticking a pin in a blister to relieve  pressure .... Nope didn't work.

Knees - were working fine last week, but not so fine today ...

Lac D'Anterne - Chamonix

Camping at Lile des Barrats. Lovely campsite 10 minutes from the centre of Chamonix and hot showers.  

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