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GR5 Day 6 - Gandalf Has Blisters

GR5 Day 6 - Gandalf Has Blisters

Today we woke up in civilisation, so that meant, cold showers .... Err no thank you very much, toilets that you can sit on .... Yes please and around the corner from the campsite a Boulanger ... Oh yes bring on the calories.

The walk today was stunning and as the sky had cleared we saw some of what we missed yesterday. As beautiful as it was I was not tempted one bit to walk back up to see the rest, that is the stuff of madness.


So on we went into the sun dappled forests, through ancient river beds and gorges past waterfalls and fields of wild flowers and moss covered trees it was like Rivendale form Lord of the Rings and at one point appeared before me a vision, it was Gandalf himself. Nah it was Jac but she fits the part .. Tall long hair some of it grey. No beard yet .... Thankfully, but that may come with age and two light weight walking poles that made a very passable staff and me her trusty side kick Billbo Baggins of the shire, short squat, hairy toes and I had me bagginsess?  on the front precious.

Onward and upwards always upwards to the mountains of Mordor 1800 meters of ascent up into the cloud line where the intrepid duo stopped for the night above a lake and feasted upon two bags of boiled coscous and some rehydrated veggies, food of champions and those with no taste spuds.

Wild camping by Lac D Anterne

Wild camping by Lac D Anterne

Injuries of the day:

Gandalf's popped blister is not good and no amount of compeed or soothing noises is going to make that bad boy any better until it's rested. Neither is walking the rest of the way to Chamomix in flip flops, stylish as they maybe practical they are not. Many cursing and incantations were heard from up front today.

Billbo - fortunately all hobbits are squat and close to the ground. Which is fortunate when you go arse over on the way up a mountain because your bagginsees are too full of saussison and water makes you a little top heavy.

Interesting feature of the day:

Fillo pastry cliffs and paths are beautiful to look at and are as crumbly as a baclava. They are also damp slippy hence arse over tit episode .

Tiff of the day:

Apparently it is not nice to strap your spare washed pants to the top of your rucksack so they dry in the sun. This is unladylike and common and is not a behaviour that will be tolerated, neither I pointed out is having a soggy gusset. No one likes a soggy gusset and I pointed out that I had dried said pants on my head at Everest and gained and retained more to the point, three very nice friends from it. That apparently is a different matter when you are surrounded only by yaks, where as today we were surrounded by French family's and young impressionable children. Seeing my pants may lead to irresponsible behaviour with underwear in the future and that is a behaviour not to be tolerated. A compromise was reached to avert soggy gusset and I was allowed to put them in the back of Jacs pack so they would dry through the mesh ... I did that but also left the waste band showing for badness :-)

Pastries eaten 3 each .... Diet going well.

Lost and found ..... Wait for it .... The bloody spoon ... Sat on it this time!

Ps couscous makes Gandalf windy ... and that is not good in a tent ...

Samoens - Lac d Anterne

Wild camp above the lake lots of spots in this area

GR5 Day 7 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

GR5 Day 7 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

GR5 Day 5 - The Big Soggy

GR5 Day 5 - The Big Soggy