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GR5 Day 18 - On The Path Again

GR5 Day 18 - On The Path Again

Briancon - Let Planet campsite in the forest :)

So we had a lovely day and half off in Briancon, it was well timed as it threw it down most of the day so at least we avoided having to walk in bad weather.

We ate good food, with the exception of a particularly crap crepe and we spent a good deal of time in our little sanctuary of a room watching the Olympics, drinking beer and eating.

So this morning we set off having first popped into the supermarket for replacement m&ms, some lunch and the mornings pastry.

What we should have done is gone to the nice boulongerie next door and enjoyed a better class of breakfast snack and a nice coffee.

So a crappy pain au chocolate on a park bench and we were off

It wasn't the nicest walk, to start with, tracking mainly through the suburbs of Briancon and then up through pretty endless forest and along dirt tracks.


We passed through a few nice villages later on, and sat by a stream and had lunch.

Col Des Ayes

Col Des Ayes

A few more hours climbing up clear of the forest finally and we eventually summited the Col de Ayes.

The landscape completely changed and over the Col opened up to reveal some pretty spectacular mountains and cliffs, also the best thing about getting to the top of something is that the rest of the way is down.

Tonight we have pitched up in a forest campsite, so we have a pitch nestled in the pine trees. We sat by the lake for a while having a pre dinner snack of tuc biscuits and cheese.

In the forest there is even a shop of sorts selling exceptionally cold beer, of which we have sampled a few, which all help to restore mind and body.

Tonight we have some nearly fresh tortellini which I am going to cook up in a lovely dried soup mix and add a dash herbs de Provence then add a dash of fried onion just to give it that extra crunch ...


Gandalf has another blister which is on the little toe of the right foot this time. We thought a rest day would help but alas no, it seems to be growing and has engulfed most of her little toe, it looks like the blob (those who are old enough will remember this film) thankfully it is not green ... Yet.

Pastry preferences:

Jacs pastry of choice is an almond croissant, these need to have good filling of almond paste a crispy outside, a generous dusting of icing sugar and a liberal sprinkling of toasted almonds.

Mine is always a pain aux Raisin

I like them gooey with loads of sultanas. I don't mind if they have some dried piped icing and I will generally eat them by unwinding them until all the that remains is the centre. Mmmmmm

A default choice of Jac and mine is normally a pain au chocolate but we have both decided these are a poor excuse for a pastry, providing no gooey or chewy and just a lot of flake and air and provide little energy for the trekker. It's like they don't know what to be. So these are now off the list - just saying friends for any future breakfast meetings, do not be turning up with these!

Tonight's pitch in the forest. 

Tonight's pitch in the forest. 

GR5 Day 19 - The Big Cheese

GR5 Day 19 - The Big Cheese

Old Lady Vlogger On GR5 Signs

Old Lady Vlogger On GR5 Signs