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GR5 Day 8 - Grumpy Chump

GR5 Day 8 - Grumpy Chump

Chamonix -Les Contimaines

Ever woken up in a bad mood for no reason?

Well that was me today, alarm went off at 6, but there was still the pitter patter of rain on the tent, and a tentative peak outside did not reveal the blue sky and sunshine. My sleeping bag was warm and cosy on the inside but damp to the touch on the outside, if Jac had said lets not bother I wouldn't have moved until a more reasonable hour and a better mood had found me. It may have been some time.

Starting off again was hard, it's amazing how soft you become lying around in relative luxury of a campsite for 2 days, eating ice cream, drinking beer, walking around with no backpack.

We had also resupplied with food so are carrying an extra 3 - 4 kg in weight and though it doesn't sound a lot, It is when your carrying it. Today I fell out of love with Barbara.... No longer does she fit like a glove, it was more like wearing a thong on a sandy beach ... too tight and irritating when you walk.

Eventually the more we walked I felt better and I lost my bad mood in the trees, which was handy as I think Jac was considering whacking me with a trekking pole.

Sore feet results in new shoes and going light weight with these La Sportivas. 

Sore feet results in new shoes and going light weight with these La Sportivas. 

Jac on the other had was super chirpy, our two rest days had worked wonders on blister gate and the evil boots that caused so much pain have been posted back to the UK, sent home for bad behaviour.

She is now sporting a very colourful pair of La Sportiva trek shoes so has been nearly skipping along the paths today, well she would have been skipping if she wasn't carrying her own body weight in dried pasta.

Tonight we are mainly eating foods based on how much they weigh.

Time saving things that don't always save time ...

Taking your jacket off without taking your rucksack off, for some reason I thought this was a genius idea and it worked well to the point I got stuck in it with my arm trapped above my head, I was encased in green gortex, slowly melting in the heat, Jac eventually came to my rescue but in the attempt to free me, whacked me on the head with a go pro, causing me to stagger backwards in shock and bounce off a tree.


Time saving things that do save time.

Cable cars .... I love them especially when they are going up in the same direction we are, now before you get your knickers in a twist....We have done this particular up section last year when we did the TMB it was 3 hours of slog through pine forests and living in pine forests are horseflies, I was eaten alive last year and as I am still sporting some lovely red welts, I am in no rush to be chewed on some more. Also it's a pretty boring section seen one tree seen them all. So we happily whizzed up the 1800 meters in a matter of minutes.   

Things found not lost:

The mesh bag ... See I knew I hadn't lost it, it was found in Jacs pocket where she shoved it before forgetting and blaming me...

My smile :) was inside a bag of M&Ms .

 Chamonix -LesContimaines

Campsite Le Pontet - low level route but high level route much nicer last time .

GR5 Day 9 - Don't Look Down

GR5 Day 9 - Don't Look Down

GR5 Day 7 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

GR5 Day 7 - What Goes Up Must Come Down