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Curse of November

Curse of November

I am developing an intense dislike for the month of November, it's not the lack of daylight hours or the wet and windy weather that gets me down. It's not the excessive amounts of Christmas tat in the shops a whole 2 months before Christmas or the amount of Christmas decorations already appearing n the hotel windows... anything up before the 1st of December in my humble opinion is just wrong. 

I am down because November on first glance seems to be a month of bad luck for us. 
Let me elaborate a little further.

Five years ago in November I found a lump in my boob, it was not a lost m&m as I first thought but something a bit more sinister. 

Last year in November, I slipped and fell attempting to run a fell race in the lakes, and had a very exciting and dramatic rescue by the wonderful Patterdale mountain rescue. This fall resulted in a broken leg. Not quite satisfied with this ,when arriving home the next day I fell backwards of my imbalanced crutches and onto a wooden bed causing quite a bit of damage to my back which resulted in a week in hospital. 

This November, Jac my sure footed trekking partner managed to slip on a climbing wall, 40 minutes into her refresher lesson after 6 years of no climbing. She came away with a badly dislocated shoulder, which had to be popped back into its rightful position, and even though they completely knocked her out to do it I could still hear the screams through the hospital door.
She is currently in bed off her face on pain killers. She is strapped up In a shoulder harness for the next month. After which time there will be some intensive physio treatment to get things moving again. 

So I'm sure from all the above you can spot my reasons for the November blues.

What I have learnt:

Sometimes it's easier to feel swamped and overwhelmed by things, allowing events that happen to you or people you love to feel like you are cursed in some way.

Sometimes however you need to flip it to see the positive, as there will always be one if you are prepared to look. 

For example, finding a lump and it turning out to be cancer meant 6 months of bleurgh and treatment. However positive thoughts = finding that lump has given me 5 years more life than if I hadn't of found it.

Breaking a leg and injury to back, it was a broken leg not a broken spine, eventually I got 2 legs back and the ability to walk, if it had been the other way around maybe not so good. 

Dislocated shoulder, first positive that springs to mind is ... thank fu#k it wasn't me.... sorry Jac x

Tut tut... Tuk tuk!

Tut tut... Tuk tuk!

My Broken Step Counter

My Broken Step Counter